Jewelry care


Although non-precious metals are most susceptible, almost all metals can be prone to tarnishing without proper care, even gold. For most people, wearing jewelry regularly is one of the best ways to reduce tarnishing. To minimize tarnishing when not in use, store clean, dry jewelry out of the open air (i.e. in a ziplock bag or other sealed container). Occasional polishing with a jewelry polishing cloth is recommended for all metal jewelry (precious and non-precious). Sunshine polishing cloths are available in my shop, the most effective I've found! Avoid wearing your jewelry in chlorinated or salt water, both are corrosive to metals. If exposed to either, wash your piece as soon as possible with mild soap and fresh water, rinse well and dry off.


I recommend storing glass jewelry separate from other jewelry to avoid scratching the surface. Glass jewelry with inclusions (feathers, moss, etc.) is not waterproof and extra care should be taken to keep these pieces dry. Silver finish stained glass jewelry can be polished using a metal polishing cloth. Gunmetal finish jewelry has been sealed with an acrylic clear coat and does not require polishing.